AlterG & Dartfish

State-of-the-Art Conditioning with Reduced Ground Reaction Force

Alter G

How Does it Work?
The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill® creates a powerful lifting force that allows for ultra-low impact ambulation. The user wears neoprene shorts and zips into a pressurized, airtight enclosure suspended over the treadmill surface. By controlling the pressure in the enclosure, the user can change his/her weight, reducing it by as much as 80% in precise 1% increments.

For Rehabilitation
Impact loading on the lower extremities is reduced by lowering body weight. The FDA has cleared the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill® for use in the following conditions:
• lower body injury and surgery rehabilitation
• aerobic conditioning
• weight control and reduction
• sport specific conditioning programs
• neurologic retraining

For Performance Enhancement
Train longer, run faster, gain additional strength and enhance cardiovascular performance:
• overspeed training
• interval training
• lateral movement training
• backwards running drills up to 10mph in reverse
• hill training at up to 15% incline

To Maximize Fitness Retention During Rehabilitation
Athletes need to be able to maintain high fitness levels while they are injured. Match the aerobic intensity of your workout and lower the impact on your injured body by using a combination of adjustable variables:
• weight adjustment (100% to 20% weight-bearing)
• speed adjustment (0mph to 18mph)
• incline adjustment (0% to 15%)


Get an EDGE over the Competition

Dartfish was used during the London 2012 Summer Games to analyze performance by Olympic teams and athletes and coaches utilized the software for training purposes in preparation for the Games.


Dartfish offers a complete state-of-the-art digital video analysis solution for athletes.  It makes the Invisible, Visible by giving you instant visual feedback that allows you to see immediately and exactly what your body is doing.

Superimpose clips or use side-by-side comparison with before and after shots to immediately see the progress of the treatment, make the healing process a lot faster and improve your treatment.

Dartfish connects 2 realities…
What you think you’re doing and
what you’re actually doing.

Dartfish and AlterG appointments are available at our Collierville location only.