Annual Physical Therapy Exam

Rehab etc now offers Annual Physical Therapy Exams
at all of our outpatient clinics.

You have your eyes examined annually…
You have your teeth examined annually…
Shouldn’t you protect your body with the same consideration?





The most common reasons* people go to the doctor are

  • Osteoarthritis/Joint disorders- 34%
  • Back problems- 24%
  • Chronic neurological disorders- 20%
  • High blood pressure- 18%
  • Headaches/migraines- 14%
  • Diabetes- 14%

During your exam, our certified Physical Therapists will check the following:
Functional Movement
Range of Motion
Upper Quarter Screen
Lower Quarter Screen

You will receive written results within 1 week of your exam. We will also send a copy to your physician if requested.

Benefits of an annual physical therapy exam:

  • Save on health care costs by getting healthier and reducing monthly prescriptions and co-pays, plus preventing costly injuries
  • Ability for you to improve your quality of life with less pain
  • Self treatment options and functional strategies to alleviate pain
  • Eligibility for our nutrition/weight loss classes
  • Preventative strategies for impending injuries

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Mention the special code: ‘annual exam’

Doc-Exams-back1neck examLower-Back-Exam2* , By Erin Hicks and Jasmine Kim, Everyday Health Staff