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Ashley Bradford, PT, DPT
RRCA Certified Running Coach
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Qualifications:running woman

• CSM (2011)
- Barefoot Running- 2 lectures
- Proximal Factors Contributing to Running Injuries
• Preventing and Treating: Running Injuries – RRCA Convention (2012)
• RRCA Certification Running Coach Course (2012):
Nutrition and How it Affects Your Body as You Age with Preventing and Overcoming Running Injuries
• Running Treatment Rationale (2012):
PT Seminar and Webinar-Developing Clinical Treatment Strategies & Exercise Progressions
by Understanding the “Function of the Dysfunction”: Brian Beatty, PT, CFP, CSCS
• Running Course: SPTS (2013)
• Running in Slow Motion (2013):
Video Analysis of the Running Athlete: Jimbo Wood, PT-HPTR Seminars
• Science of Running: Irene Davis (Harvard Medical School) Seminar in Chicago (2015)
• Healthy Running: Trent Nessler (2015)
• Keep Runners Running: APTA (2015)