“Jim Hambrick really helped me. After injuring my back and having surgery in 2009, I re-injured it and then sought help from Jim. His kind manner and professionalism combined to both put me at ease and identify effective treatments and home exercises. Now, 1.5 years after last seeing Jim, I am still pain free. Thank you Jim. I have and will continue to refer my patients to you.” PAUL S. LEONARD, PH.D. PSYCHOLOGIST

“I came to Rehab etc. with an IT Band injury from a half marathon and, because of the therapy, I have not had any more issues.  They were able to do some needling and teach me proper stretches to overcome the injury and prevent it from happening again.  I am a firm believer in needling and the relief you get from it.  I believe it helped speed up the recovery process and allowed me to get back to my normal routine quicker.  The staff at Rehab etc. gives each one of their patients extra special care making them feel at home and comfortable.”  MARIE BURRISS 

“Rehab etc., thank you for always taking such great care of me. You all truly improve the quality of life for your patients, and your work is greatly appreciated.”   CHRISTINE PETTEYS 

“I have had chronic headaches for six years, and, during this time, no medicine has helped relieve any pain.  One thing that has consistently been helpful, however, is the care I’ve received from Rehab etc. Through dry needling and gradually adding strengthening exercises, the pain has been less intense and has given me a chance at a better quality of life!”  HANNAH PARRISH  

“Ken is the best!!! Very knowledgeable and a great bedside manner. I had chronic back pain due to hunching over a keyboard all day. Ken was able to ease my pain using dry needling and laser therapy. That, along with him teaching proper posture and stretching has made a big difference. Ken has helped all the members of my family. Also, a lot of people don’t know that you can see a physical therapist without a referral. If you are having issues with pain and discomfort, do yourself a favor and go visit Rehab etc.”  CARL ROBERTS

“Why Rehab etc. Physical Therapy…to ease my pain – so many reasons, a warm, caring staff who laughs with you not at you, especially when you just can’t get it right the first time (describes me to a T); a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is totally hands-on and seems to immediately know how to alleviate your discomfort and who provides you with at home exercises and suggestions to complement your treatments; a welcoming, fully equipped and fully staffed facility with knowledgeable employees who can’t seem to do enough to make you feel at home and at ease. Truly individualized treatment – what you personally need is what you get. You probably don’t really understand what physical therapy is all about – I know that I didn’t. I just knew that, after over ten months of being in casts, having to use a wheelchair or a walker and unable to exercise or even get up from the bed without pain, due to recurring stress fractures, I was seeking a solution. I had gained weight, was always tired and ached just about everywhere. My neurosurgeon at Semmes Murphey Clinic introduced me to Rehab etc. – my physical therapist seemed to know right away just where my “hot spots” were. Needless to say, I don’t care for pain of any type, but any discomfort I have experienced from my treatments is very short-lived and afterwards, well, I feel better, I have more range of motion, I am able to exercise again. The treatment and advice I have received and the team approach provided at Rehab etc. have enabled me to begin getting back to my pre-injury state. In fact, I am able to function better because of what I have experienced and what I have learned. Am I cured – well, I am almost 66 years old and all of the years of not knowing about and not doing the right things have taken their toll, but I am certainly more mindful of my body’s needs. I attribute that knowledge to my time at Rehab etc. and my willingness to learn. Just go in for your free assessment and see for yourself. Best of luck on your journey to good health.”  JUDY KAPLAN MCCOWN

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you as my physical therapist. You are knowledgeable and I trust you implicitly. Your staff is marvelous. Thank you for caring about my physical well-being and for being the outstanding professional that you are!” JANET SUMMERS

PAIGE MCKEE (audio testimonial)